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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Run for the hills!

OK, lesson for today: always apply security patches to your machine, no matter what OS. Even Linux has problems, which is why developers drink caffeinated beverages and patches are released. For every OS. Some more than others, but they all have issues. Let's remember that social vectors are the most likely method of a security breach. For instance, if I steal your laptop, I just "hacked" your machine. In meatspace, granted, but it's a hack. You didn't give me permission to do wild things to your machine, did you?

Well here's a story I found on CNN, because with all their Apple lovin' they have to show they are still somewhat unbiased.
Worm targets Macs through Bluetooth

That's scary, isn't it? Well here's the counterpoint, provided several days in advance for your viewing pleasure:
Yet another pointless worm Inqtana

Granted, a fan of the Mac platform isn't going to scream bloody murder at the first sign of these things. Which raises the constant specter of laziness. That's a social vector too-- thinking you can't get a virus when you can and doing nothing once you've been warned.

Good news: so far I have yet to see anything so destructive or easy to infect and do damage on the Mac as on the PC. So for now you are safe, in my opinion (patent pending). If you want to be paranoid, switch to FreeBSD and wear a tinfoil hat.


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