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Monday, October 03, 2005

Sun and Google teaming up

Wow, Marc Perton has a nose for news. I hadn't seen this yet, but he pulled this info on Google and Sun's big announcement tomorrow. The post (on Download Squad) actually refers to the roadmap for Open Office, or rather StarOffice, which Google has been kicking around...

Put that together with Jordan's post on Jon Schwartz (also from Sun, for those who don't know) saying everyone would rather ditch their desktop apps before their browser... Doesn't this sound like the beginning of a Google OS?

Well, duh for many techies, but for those of you unfamiliar with all this, and how it would make a useful solution, allow me to explain very briefly.

A web-based office app, combined with online calendar/email/newsfeed apps, and some form of online storage is a holy grail. Imagine being able to walk up to any network-enabled device and get to all your work. Between this, Google's purchasing of fiber lines, gearing up wireless spots...

Well, when you connect the dots I think it's clear that 2006 may be the year of the Google.

I'm hoping they get to releasing some more Mac apps, like Earth and Picasa. But having an online work solution would be cool. If they could tap in to Backpack features, that'd be nice too...


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