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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Turn EyeTV vids to iPoddable vids

So I still use my EyeTV, though not as I'd intended, because I'm being cheap and not wanting to pony up the dough and time to put Airport on my mini. There it sits in a corner, tethered to TV cable, but not internet cable. I need a cheaper wireless solution, as the WAP-11 won't act as a simple pass-thru for DHCP... Or something like that. I'm no networking guru, that's for sure.

HOWEVER, if I ever get an iPod for video (the 5th gen one), I'll really want to automate the process of capturing TV shows and plopping them onto my iPod. Jim Heid has put together a great how-to on getting video from the EyeTV to the iPod. Thanks for beating me to the punch Jim!

He also notes that a future rev of the EyeTV app will include an iPod video preset (as the latest QT 7 Pro does). So that's a good thing.

Now I need to setup an AppleScript (since Automator is too lame to do it) that'll take a recording, once it's done, and export to iTunes. Should be easy when the preset is available, as EyeTV is very scriptable. That way I'll have auto downloads of shows onto my pod!

Why? I'm a BIG "Lost" fan, but I work on Weds nights. So I'm missing it like right now... And I don't want to pay $1.99 just to have commercials removed. I'll just record it, and have it on my iPod in the morning (because I can plug in at night, see how that works?). Nifty. That is, IF I get a 5th gen iPod!


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