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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Stop the Broadcast Flag-- again

Why do we keep going down this road? Obviously the boneheads in Hollywood STILL don't get technology... They have, once again, tried to resurrect the Broadcast Flag. What's that?

Well, you know how you can plug in a VCR to your cable and tape a show, then watch it on your TV? That's nice, isn't it? Well the Broadcast Flag would make sure that, in the future of HDTV, that is NOT possible. No more recording for you! In Hollywood's America every citizen is a thief, guilty until sued out of existence. And even then they want you to buy the package of Dorito's with Yoda on it...

So let's kill this thing AGAIN. Some really stupid congressional idiots have actually been suckered into supporting this crap, and has their info here. I'm dismayed to see rep. Marsha Blackburn, from my state of TN is on there. I think I met Marsha back when I lived in Nashville.

This is SO stupid...


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