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Monday, May 30, 2005

How-To Holiday: Read Logs

OK, I searched high and low on this big wide internet of ours and found bupkus on this one topic: when tells you some files couldn't be copied (backed up), how do you find those files in the log?

I don't know about you, but I'm backup up literally thousands of files. First I saved the log as a text file. Then I tried searching for seemingly logical terms-- fail (and all variations), incomplete, unsuccessful, etc.

The magic word: skipped.

Do a search for skipped in the saved text file of your logs, and you'll see what files Backup could not backup.

There is a way to back everything up without Actually there are several, but I'm a very cheap person, so I want free or really cheap...

1. Everybody seems to love Carbon Copy Cloner, and it is cool, but you have to make sure you have another hard drive to accomodate your ENTIRE drive!

2. So instead, to replicate much of what Backup does, I found this tasty little knowledgebase article on Apple's site. It explains how to properly backup your machine while keeping permissions, etc. in check. Enjoy! The link is here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

iTunes confusion

Originally uploaded by superpixel.
OK, I'm not the only one getting bit by this right? A quick trip to the discussion boards indicates NO.

However, in my case the error is due to an interface issue. Look, Apple is king of easy-to-use and interfaces. So what happened here?

If you look for the Gorillaz single on iTMS (currently playing in an iTunes/iPod ad) this is pretty much what you see (my pic).

BUT, if you buy the song down below, the one listed with all the videos, you do NOT get the videos! Instead, you have to buy the song up above, listed as an "album"-- meaning it is one song and some videos.

If this is how the new video system is going to work, Apple is going to have to figure out how to make it idiot-proof. Luckily they refunded my money and allowed me to buy the other one...

There goes that profit margin...

codepoetry - Here We Go Again: Bad Reporters and Good Rumors

codepoetry - Here We Go Again: Bad Reporters and Good Rumors

So normally I like to keep the "newsie" stuff outta here. No rumors, just solid tips or reviews of software/hardware... Y'know, useful stuff!

But I just *had* to recycle this story!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Tiger in my tank?

Not yet. Fact is, I'm somewhat of a lackadaisical early adopter. I bought a very early DVD player, but waited a while for a digital camera. Took me no time to jump into OS X, but quite a while to jump into Linux. Still haven't got Bluetooth, a LCD screen, or an 8-track.

Go figure.

But the real reason I haven't jumped into Tiger: time and money.

Time: I haven't got time for the pain. There are some wonky things going on in my iBook. I doubt Tiger will make them better. Also, things like Divx, and some other stuff I use reportedly are broken in Tiger. I'll wait for the point-point release on CD, thanks.

Money: Even with my educational discount I'm not freeing up the cash just yet. We are, in fact, about to go on a massive family vacation.

Speaking of which, I've been spending a LOT of time with family lately. So if posts become sparse it's because I'm pushing my daughter on the swing or teaching my son to play ball. You only get so many of those days.

I'm still working on a book, somewhat delayed until Tiger invades my mini, but look for it sometime this summer.

There's also a funky little product I designed coming up soon...

But if you're starved for Mac-related useful tips and info, here are some of my favorite websites:

Enjoy! I'll post when there's something useful to say.