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Friday, March 11, 2005

All the pretty minis...

Two companies offer ways to add color to your Mac mini:

1. Colorware has offered paint jobs for pretty much any Apple product for a while, and starting March 14, they'll add the Mac mini as an option. Note that they actually PAINT your devices, similar to car paint. It's pretty cool, and from what I hear quite nice. Don't know about the longevity, but if it's like car paint I believe it'll last a while. Still, I get nervous with physical tweaks that could affect cooling in such a tightly engineered device like the mini...

2. SkinIt on the other hand provides a 4-piece vinyl sticker set for the mini. This means it is undoable (and don't we all like to undo things in software-- why not hardware?). Again, there could be cooling issues, but at least this way it's easy to remove.


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