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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Control... everything with your Mac

Today I'm going to show you how to use the Mac mini (or any mac) to control your home's lights, appliances (some), and phones (sort of). There's also a killer piece of software I have to discuss...

Home Automation:
For years there has been a protocol known as X10. Many folks have seen those zany pop-ups. Those are from a licensee, and shouldn't reflect your ONLY choice in the matter. I'll post a better way to rig surveillance cameras later.
I'm talking about primarily turning things on and off. Yeah, that's about it-- ON or OFF, binary. But you could turn on sprinklers to water the lawn, lights to pretend you are home (or anticipate your arrival), and, uh, I guess do other stuff... About as long as the X10 stuff has been out there was Mac software for it. At least until OSX came out. Well, now the good folks at Perceptive Automation have created Indigo, an OSX client for controlling all your wacky devices-- or at least those with an on/off switch. I can imagine some neat-o Rube Goldberg applications though.
Here's the kicker: Indigo is compatible with the next two products!

Phone Control:
There is a great little piece of hardware/software out there called Phlink, by OVOLab (or is it OVOLab Phlink?)... This turns the mac into an automated phone center, with on-screen caller ID, message center, and automated answer-bot! Check out there site for more info. But it's a cool thing. And remember that you can use it to remotely control your home via phone with the Indigo system...

Remote Control Part Deux:
So, you got Indigo, Phlink, iTunes, EyeTV, Airport Express, and a host of other stuff, RIGHT? Well, control them all using Salling Clicker.
This clever little software goes on your PDA or cellphone (check for compatibility) and uses Bluetooth, a wireless technology winding its way into more phones and PDA's, to control all those things.
Imagine walking into a room and having iTunes kick on your favorite song. Salling Clicker is there. Want to turn on the lights in another room? Use your cell phone! Crank the volume using your PDA.
And since all people can seem to do is complain about the lack of adequate remotes for their new Mac-based PVR: use Salling Clicker to control the El Gato EyeTV!

Stay tuned for news on the ebook...

Until next week, keep clicking!


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