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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Seeing text on a TV

I've jacked in my old iBook to a TV using the RCA plugs. It isn't great. Text is pretty unreadable unless you crank the size of the text WAY up, and you can't really do it for the menus in OS X (unlike Windows). The S-Video output would be higher resolution, yet still not adequate for regular text... But there is a solution! If you want to bypass the whole HDTV thing, you can buy the RCA/S-Video adapter for the mini ($20) and continue reading...

To solve the whole resolution problem you'll want to enable Zooming. It's in the System Preferences, under "Universal Access" (although it might move in Tiger, it'll be easy to find by using Spotlight). What does this do? By holding down a keyboard combination you can literally zoom the screen, enlarging everything. Some parts will fall off the screen, but by moving the mouse you can move the focus, and see everything.

It's a cool trick, and always makes my Wintel friends jealous! You can also see a sample of this in my video tutorial on exporting cross-platform movies (meaning no QuickTime required) in iMovie 4 here (for now):
Exporting non-QuickTime content in iMovie 4



  • At 1:06 PM, Blogger LCMPod said…

    Unfortunately, the link to your video tutorial does not work! Please fix? Thanks.


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