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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Two bits.

Bit one:
With a couple of sub-bits. First, there's a wonderful how-to, complete with pictures, on getting your Mac mini to fit comfortably into your home theater setup at Engadget.

Well, I don't know how comfortable all that is really. Looks a little, er, cramped. But still, a very thorough look at some options. I'm particularly happy about the mention of VNC. I'll cover that later, and show how you can control your Mac via a wealth of devices using VNC.

Second half-bit: another tutorial, this time on getting those horrid, tiny, blurry little camera phone pics (or PDA pics) onto your Mac. Not exactly easy, but not totally hard either. Check it out here.

Bit Two:
Submission time! That's right, as the song says, I simply cannot do it alone. So I'm accepting submissions for the ebook.

What ebook? Well, you could call it the "Do anything with your Mac" book, or "Take control of your home, life, work, entertainment, and education with a Mac" book (except the publishers of the Take Control series would probably be mad at me).

In short, I want to know what crazy things you've done to your Mac to make it more useful. Has anyone used the Mac to control their toaster, and burn the current temp into the bread? How about using the iBook as a robot?

Well, for all you dreamers out there, email me your how-to's or wish-to's and we'll put 'em in a book, for all the good people out there...

You can reach me at

Let's do it!


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